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At Primassure we understand how much your home and the valuables you keep within it matter to you. That is why we believe it is essential to choose your home insurance with care. The wide range of products and optional extras many insurers offer can be very confusing and you may wonder whether you are getting the best cover for your home, contents and your budget. Find out if your current cover is the best option for you by making sure your home insurance covers the things you expect. Feel free to contact us to ensure you have the right level of cover.


If you’re a Landlord and own one or more properties that are let or unoccupied, then you will benefit from our property owner’s policy. As well as the buildings being covered with accidental damage, you can have the contents, legal expenses, loss of rent and rent guarantee included as standard – you’ll find most insurers will charge a higher premium to include these. If you own a number of properties, we can combine them on one policy making it easier for you to manage, saving you time and money.


Whether it’s a second home or holiday home in the UK or abroad we can provide the right cover for you. You may not use it often but making sure you have the right level of protection can give you the peace of mind you need.


Is your home built of non-standard construction? Has your home suffered previous subsidence or been underpinned? Is it undergoing renovations or structural changes? Look no further, At Primassure we understand that most insurers shy away from providing a quote for the any of the above. We have specialist insurers who can provide the right cover for your needs.

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